Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starting Out

Hi, I'm Julie and I live in the Sutherland Shire in the far south of Sydney.

I've been inspired to start blogging by two friends - Linda in country Queensland and Dianne on the outskirts of Melbourne. Linda's blog is Billabongs2Bling: http://billabongs2bling.blogspot.com/ and Dianne's is Beach Textiles: http://dians-beachtextiles.blogspot.com/.

What could I possibly blog about? Life in general is always interesting, and I'll include that too - but today walking home from my local shopping village I thought of another blog I have enjoyed in 2010 - 52 Suburbs: http://www.52suburbs.com/

Each week in 2010, Louise visited one suburb of Sydney where she had never ventured before. Treasures were there each and every week. I decided to emulate Louise on a much smaller scale by aiming to visit as many of the small sets of shops that dot 'The Shire' and surrounds. I may also include some 'finds' when out and about on some travels. Who knows what the year may bring.....

I'm looking forward to my adventure.