Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starting Out

Hi, I'm Julie and I live in the Sutherland Shire in the far south of Sydney.

I've been inspired to start blogging by two friends - Linda in country Queensland and Dianne on the outskirts of Melbourne. Linda's blog is Billabongs2Bling: http://billabongs2bling.blogspot.com/ and Dianne's is Beach Textiles: http://dians-beachtextiles.blogspot.com/.

What could I possibly blog about? Life in general is always interesting, and I'll include that too - but today walking home from my local shopping village I thought of another blog I have enjoyed in 2010 - 52 Suburbs: http://www.52suburbs.com/

Each week in 2010, Louise visited one suburb of Sydney where she had never ventured before. Treasures were there each and every week. I decided to emulate Louise on a much smaller scale by aiming to visit as many of the small sets of shops that dot 'The Shire' and surrounds. I may also include some 'finds' when out and about on some travels. Who knows what the year may bring.....

I'm looking forward to my adventure.


  1. Hi Julie its good to see you here in the blogesphere.

    I look forward to reading about your adventures.

  2. Hello Julie, lovely to see you doing this. I am sure your 'adventures' will be of interest to many, me especially, you know how I like spending money.......te, he, he. I do so look forward to anything you offer to readers, good luck. BTW, any chance of trading your car in on a hovercraft???

  3. Julie, congrats on your venture into the land of blogging. I can't wait to read about life in Suburbia :-)

  4. Hello Julie

    Congratulations on starting up your blog. I hope you enjoy. I enjoy reading the few I follow, and love seeing others projects.

    Best wishes for 2011

  5. Thanks for all your positive comments. Nice to see you Juliettecherry!

    Here's hoping it all works out well.

  6. Hi Julie, welcome to the blogging world. I have come to you via our mutual friend Linda. Linda and I started our blogs about the same time. Little did I know at the time that it will become such a part of my life:))
    I look forward to your journey! Best wishes:)

  7. Hi Julie and welcome to this wonderful world of blogging. Until 17 years ago I was a Sydney girl but now that I live in the Far North I have lost touch with a lot of what Sydney is about so I will look forward to reading your reports. Cheers.